Sunday, March 03, 2013

Spending a Saturday Going to Hamilton and the 1st Tim Horton's in Canada

Our day started with a return visit to Gordo's Diner in Vaughan.

There aren't many good breakfast joints around here,and even this one is about a half an hour away.  But it's worth the drive.
50's decor
After breakfast we drove past a closed Wonderland amusement park.
No roller coaster today.
We were headed to Vaughan City Hall for Seedy Saturday.

Inside City Hall were about 20 vendors selling seeds, either from their own gardens, or they were in the seed business, or they had local garden products, including jams, sauces, garden ornaments and such. I recalled being at several events like this with my friendly plastic, knowing I was just the sideline thing. People like me were really only there for the seeds... although I did hear that a vendor who attends Aurora Farmers' Market sold out in 1 1/2 hrs.
Seedy Saturday vendors

a great price for some local seeds--got several packs here

Bonus art exhibit in the hallway: the Vaughan Juried Exhibition

And then we were on our way to Hamilton  and Canada's 1st Tim Horton's.

Having never driven here before I was surprised at how industrial the landscape is. I felt surprisingly at home due to growing up in Sudbury, Ontario. All those chimneys spewing smoke.... ah the memories.

The Tim Horton's is on Ottawa Street. This doesn't look promising for what is billed as one of the most interesting streets in Canada.
heading down Ottawa Street
We're Here!  Tim Horton's Way.
Original sign upper right. Commemorative bronze plaque below. Roll Up the Rim sign in the window.

I read that this Tim's has a museum inside. Here's a man looking at one half of the "museum": 2 glass cases flanking the entryway. The shelves mostly held coffee cups, coffee beans, packaging and promotions. Kind of ho-hum.

Then I saw this shelf. I forgot Tim's had a mascot at one time. Must have been the 70's?? 80's?

Tim's claims to have invented the Dutchie and the Apple Fritter (which I seriously doubt). maybe invented the mass producing of these things-maybe. Anyway, I had to get one of each for my photo-op. It seems to be a perfect trifecta with the roll up the rim cup.

Sadly on the way home what I hoped would be a winning cup, didn't pan out.

BUT, dear reader, Ottawa Street really was all that. 
This was just the start of a really good day and many finds.
More in tomorrow's posts.


timothy said...

You have been to the Source!

Jessica said...

Any excuse to get an apple fritter. I am so on to you!

scott davidson said...

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