Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Hexbreaker & The Newbie Gambler

This summer I've been going to the casino. My sister and my mother both love the casino. I didn't really care for it until I felt poor and desperate and my sales at the farmers' markets seemed slow and I just wanted a diversion that might pay off.
I've had mixed results.
Mostly I can walk away when it's not going well, but sometimes I don't and that makes me upset. I am not cut out to be a big time casino gambler that's for sure. I get all my risk from signing up for art and craft shows well in advance, paying their fees, also well in advance, and then making things that may or may not sell, also in advance. Once you attend the show the turnout may be affected by the weather, the economy, the political climate, (never sell things when there's an election looming! Or a war... IMHO) or the venue itself. Nothing is sure thing.

The best machine I've found is the Hexbreaker. Some people hate it. They'll play this lousy Aliens machine that seems to be right beside the Hexbreaker, getting to the bonus round of hovering flying saucers only to die die die. They need to pick a saucer and they get the bonus points beneath the saucer but three of them are duds. I don't know why someone would play that machine. A woman who was next to me, and I swear was my lucky charm , or perhaps I was her "luck sucker" (a term my gaming sister clued me into as someone who comes by and sucks the luck away from you), was losing round after round at the Aliens game and I was winning on my Hexbreaker machine. She said she had lost $700 at that point and there I was, up about that. Of course I didn't leave with that, lets be honest here, but I did leave with more than half which is a miracle! I always feel like I have to run out there or they'll take it back. Or the machines will get me somehow...

It struck me that day that having lots of money in your hands after cashing out your winnings at the casino feels exactly the same way as having lots of money after doing an art/craft show. Believe it or not the money loses its meaning and becomes just pieces of paper. I know, I can imagine this sounds crazy, but it's true. You just count it but you don't attach it to anything. It's just numbers. This attitude is NEVER good. It means you can just put it back into the machine: easy come easy go. It's only later that you go "Man. What I could have done with the x dollars I lost."

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