Saturday, September 15, 2007

Made Fresh Today - Sept 15 '07 - Macaw

Wow. Mid-September already. I can't believe how fast this month has gone, and I see here that I haven't posted for two days. I have no idea where those two days went, into some time vortex no doubt. Well, never you mind, I am here now with this fabulous blue and gold macaw.

I made this friendly plastic birdy for someone who I've talked to for over a year. She has consistently asked me for a parrot, at least once every month or so. I have always meant to make one, but just never did. Finally last week, I promised that the next time she asked, I'd have it. I made it early this morning. It just came out. A year and half in the making (in my brain&/or subconscious), and here it is. I found this picture of the specific type of bird and my hands just made it. Sometimes it's just magical, like my brain is not involved. I often work best before I am totally awake. Ideally I like to work between 4am and 7am and then go back to bed at 9am. This is my real body schedule but I can't do that now. It's more like my "making things for big xmas shows" schedule when I am doing my Out of My Mind business full-time. I am semi-full time right now. I've got a lot of other things pulling at me that require me to live like a sane person.

Anyway, I was just pulling this bird pin out of my bag at the Carp Market to admire it and show it off to my fellow vendors when the person I made it for peeked around the corner. I was so happy to tell her I had it and she was thrilled with it. It made me feel good all day. She told me several times that she was very happy. I love this pin too. It was magic I tell you. Magic.

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