Friday, September 07, 2007

My Garden This Year

Out of necessity I have a flower garden. I would like a vegetable garden with the odd flower here and there but last year the owners of this place I live in dug up the backyard to within a foot of my fence and REMOVED the soil. They went all the way down to the foundations of the units across from me. This must have cost the owners a fortune, carting that soil away and replacing it.
And why did they do this?
I heard it was because there had been old oil drums down there and they had leaked. The job took so long and the hole was so big that a neighbour of mine mused they were building a big high rise into the hole, just using all the land they've got you know? I asked the building manager if the soil where I am, on the other side of the fence, was okay to plant food crops in it. They assured me it was, but common sense tells me that if you removed that much soil, at that much expense, it wasn't for nothing, and if it was that close to my yard, what makes them say that it didn't come over here? So I no longer trust it for vegetables, sad to say. As a result I've been experimenting with some flowers. These were planted on the worst side: north beside a fence and always in the shade. A tough environment for a flowering plant. A nursery owner suggested this plant: the wishbone flower. It's been great for me. It's bloomed constantly. The only drawback is it's so small. Only 6" high. I wish it was a tall bush. Here's why they call it a wishbone flower.

Can you see it?

And remember, if you make a wish, Dream BiG!

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