Monday, August 13, 2007

Art in Strathcona Park August 11th, 2007

The show was lining up to be a banner year. I sold my giant 24 x 48 painting entitled "to all the cats I've loved before" in the first hour of the show. And then several other things sold. The show opened at 10 am and by 12 it was so hot that most of the crowd was heard to be saying "Hey where's that ice cream guy? I thought I saw him around here." It was very very hot.

The lady with the duck hat was back again. Her hat makes a duck-like sound, I guess Donald Duck-like sound to be more accurate when you squeeze the brim. I just love that hat. This year she kindly posed for me.

Across from me were "the glass girls" Nicole and Claire of Juicy Designs.
I think they did okay as did my friend Dina, who has just returned to making things for art shows.
She arrived at 8 am, too late to find a spot near me and my friend Tim, of Mobius T-Shirts, so she was very far away at the opposite end of the park. I got there at 7:20 am, late, and luckily Tim managed to grab our spots. It was already 1/2 full by then.

And I reserve the last word for this picture of the best dog I saw all day.

The lady with the bird in a bag was a no-show. (see my post about Strathcona 2006 for more details)

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