Monday, August 06, 2007

Day Olds - August 6th, 2007 One Celled Organism


When I used to make barrettes, I loved to do one called "Amoebas in Luv". Basically it was a single amoeba involved in the process of cell division. It was great fun to science types, and they like barrettes too. This design was placed on tie clips, and made into earrings and brooches. I really enjoy all the science based designs. My favorite was when I made the family tree of the fish, from the ancient fishes branching off to whales and sharks and all the modern varieties. It was huge. I'd guess about a foot tall and 6" wide. I labelled it with the proper names of the creatures. These were also worked into the pin design beneath the arrows branching off into one area or another along the evolutionary paths. There was a pin on the back in case someone wanted to wear it. Unfortunately I don't have a picture to show you. But for those of us who remember it, well, we remember it fondly.

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