Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Many Moods of Fish

This is a painting that I never tire of making. It evolved from my happy fish brooches. I recall one day asking myself what would happen if I tried to paint the shapes of the pins I make. This was back about 8 years ago now. It's how I really started painting paintings. I wanted to see what my pins would look like on canvas and you know, they looked funny! And that was a good thing and a great beginning.
I've since read that whenever you get stuck and you are afraid to make something, and you get that really critical voice that tells you that everything you do is crap and everything you make is crap and no one wants to see your crap, to remind yourself that you are allowed to make the crappiest crap you can make. And then to go ahead and do it. It's only by doing that you'll improve, and somehow you have to let yourself make crap from time to time. It's a process.

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