Friday, August 31, 2007

Kamping Kabin #3

Before my workload triples next week, once school starts, my guy and I took off into the wilds to "get away from it all". I can't say we roughed it in any shape or form.

We stayed at a KOA campground (kampground?) in the Thousand Islands, about a 90 minute drive from here. The camp wasn't on the water, which was disappointing, but they did make up for it with three pools and an adults only hot tub. Unfortunately, not having kids myself, I forget that others have them and this place is kid heaven. In fact, for the future, I will take note in advertisements for places where they say "and kids stay free". Hello? This can be translated as bring your kids, it's a great place for kids, and indeed it was.

So here's our cabin.

One room,
one double bed
one set of bunk beds
side table
electricity and a heater/fan combo
Lots of outlets to plug into
I brought my bedside light
and my fan from home
we had a portable dvd player
and a brand spanking new wifi laptop
In the end we decided that the kamping kabin, while cozy and quaint,
was neither here nor there. It wasn't really roughing it or camping at all, and it wasn't luxurious enough or solitary enough to feel like a cottage getaway. It is awesome for families though. We didn't have any neighbours in cabin#4, a two room kamping kabin beside us, until the second day. When they arrived, 4 kids and two adults, it took them mere minutes to unpack and the kids scattered and the adults unfolded their camping chairs and just sunk into them, staying very still. You could feel them just letting go. When the kids came back, about an hour later, the father said to them, "Did you go into the forest? You can't be bored. Go into the forest. Go on. Explore. Go all around in the forest and see what's there."
I had to laugh.
Even in fairy tales you're never supposed to send children into the forest, but at this KOA Kampground, it's totally safe.
And it is.
And super clean.
I have never seen a cleaner campsite and it even puts some hotels we've stayed at to shame.
So, if you're a family, I recommend it, but if you're a childless twosome like us, be warned. Next year we're going to rent a cottage and see if that's the thing.
I think it might be.

A man
and his laptop
commune in nature:
kamping kabin optional

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