Friday, August 31, 2007

Made Fresh Today- Aug 31st '07 - fancy cats

Ye Cats of Olde

I promised a Carp Market vendor, and a mutual customer of ours who collects cat things, that I would have fresh cats for market tomorrow and I decided to pull this old design for them out of my bag of cat tricks. I like them. They've got real character. The size of the head seems to make all the difference in the cat's character, as does the tilt of the head, but these two are straight forward and direct. I am sure they're just waiting to be fed anytime now.

These were some of the original cats I used to make. I liked to contrast the colours and to put unnatural cat colours together, like the bright green and the confetti patterned cat on the far right. I rarely make this style now. Not sure why; guess I am always just looking for the thing I have never made before you know? But like I said, I am fond of these guys. I'll probably make a bunch now that I have made a couple.

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