Thursday, February 09, 2012

Day 9 .... (pause) ... that says what?

I took a mental break today from my work. I headed out for a real breakfast this morning and, once more, as is usual here for me, I was gone for about 2 1/2 hours. These are some of the things I noticed. Not sure which one sums up the day.

No, actually, I can sum up the day as "look at all the stuff Key West has to say to me".

Big tree with sign. What does it say?

That tree is 94 years old.

This was in the famous Key West cemetery. I just walked by today and didn't go in yet. I noticed this grave was really broken up. Then I read the headstone.

"At rest"?
Doesn't look that way.

Is this the mark of a roving band of Mystery writers?

A fresco done alfresco
(Look down towards the end. It's under the arch on the building next door. Yeah.)

Someone smart said to me "and choice is happiness..."
I feel like adding that below this.

Read this "everybody wins"

on this electric car.
You can rent these. I saw a guy hauling several 2x4's in this.

This street is... ? It says Monkey on the sign.

Any Name on a Seashell.
The Key West version of Any Name on a Grain of Rice.

Had my first taste of this today, one small slice of pie.
I just noticed they are open from "10-ish to 10 unless raining".
Ponder that. It's almost information.

Really? An olive oil store.

I'd like to claim that I noticed the name of the store as they walked past but I didn't,
not consciously anyway. I was more taken by how their bodies were intertwined.
It was a happy surprise going through these images tonight to see how it spells out the obvious.
"Nice shot," someone might say.

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cs said...

Very interesting. I wonder why that one store isn't open when it's raining.

The yellow-canopied store in the last photo also seems to jog a memory: we went into a (that?) store with our dog and there was a large black dog also there, and we were told that she was a lesbian. I had been wondering for a while if my parents' dog was of a similar orientation but didn't know if dogs could be lesbians or if I was just over-analysing things...see, Key West offers an education for everybody!