Friday, February 10, 2012

Feb 10th - Like a Lino in the Sun

red elvises!!!

Over half of my day was spent hunched over my little netbook, sorting, editing, manipulating, sizing, and plain old deciding what images I want to focus on for the next few days. As usual my list is very long. Also as usual, my time is short before I am in that building getting ready for my exhibit.

morning kitty visitor

living vicariously through myself bumpersticker

afternoon kitty visitor

My job is not to worry my time away, it is to make things, so I headed off to the copy place where they got my order 80% right and the 20% wrong is a big f*!#in' pain, but whatever. It would have been way harder to actually get what I want, and sometimes, what I get is better than what I want so I am open to the universe surprising me with a creative bolt of lightening.

It took me all morning to get this part done then after the copy place I went in to the grocery store beside it called Albertson's.

pretzels as a vehicle for assorted coatings

more wet umbrella bags

pet food donation bin at grocery store

I wandered around there and came home with a few things, (not the pretzels),
then I just sat like a lump.
Man, it was hot.

My resident artist neighbour knocked at the door and asked me if he could borrow my bike as his had a flat and the repair guys were coming but he had a place to be asap. I said ok and I waited for the repair guy. The bike rental place has a phone number to call, like CAA for bikes. They promise 20min service to fix your flat tire or do any repair for you anywhere on the island if you break down. Since the island is 2miles by 4miles the promise is probably mostly kept.

the bike roadside assistance guy

When the bike guy showed he didn't fix the bike but changed it for another one. Problem solved. Doing this small favour for my neighbour spurred me to get back to work so I brought my linos out into the sun.

coral in lino

Wow! What a joy to carve.
Just like a hot knife through buttah!

I did two linos and tackled two 12x12 woodblocks for a reduction print where I may print both blocks on one sheet side by side.
This is tomorrow's project so I'll be all over that with you tomorrow.

relief block carving aftermath

This evening I sketched out two very small 8x6 canvases and am itching to do a large painting. I have the perfect image for it and am dying to get a large canvas to work on. Again, tomorrow.

So it looks like for my exhibit I will have 4 paintings, 4 colour gradation prints/colour studies, probably 4 woodblock reductions, could be 5, and my daily print project. That would be excellent for my first 15 days here. I'm going to be a crazy nut by the time set up happens.
O well. Won't be the first time for that.

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