Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 15 - readying for my exhibition

empty exhibition space waiting for me

My exhibition opens tomorrow night.

The Studios of Key West van, parked on the street as I
made my way to discuss my exhibit tomorrow

Martha Barnes, the director of the studios, keeps reminding me that I am showing works in progress ie. they don't need to be finished works, just works in progress. And for me to remember that downstairs, in the main gallery, they have been working for 6 months to get ready for the opening tomorrow and I, she reminded me, have been working for 16 days.

I have a lot of stuff for 16 days.

I was taking full advantage because I was well aware that I have no work space back home. That I was just starting to organize my dining room, and even with that I'd still have little room and would have to wait until it warms up to go outside and work. That's around April if I am lucky.

And then an amazing thing happened. Last week as I was pondering my lack of studio space at home, I checked online to discover that a brand new artist's studio collective in Toronto North was starting. Long story short, I have a studio to go home too. On top of that, I have a clear focus of what I want to work on. It's incredible how 15 days ago that was all foggy and now, it's like a clear path has unfolded at my feet.

After our talk I saw this bike. I thought it was "just spotted" until I really looked and saw the stenciled numbers

I am in one of those time periods of my life which don't come often but when they do, look out. Things just go click-click-click and it all just makes sense and it all just falls into place and it's all just very clear. I remember thinking last year about the last time I had one of these experiences and despairing I would ever get that again in my life. In spite of all the good changes, many other things sure felt bleak. Thank goodness that's gone and thank goodness for Key West.

But let's get back to the nitty gritty. Today was the completion of my daily blocks bringing me up to the day of the show. I just, yes just, finished printing the large print.

February 1st - 16th, 2012 Key West, Florida, U.S.A.
55" x 27" 16 blocks
double xuan rice paper printed by hand all at once

Boy, I love making these cumulative prints. I really do. Of course there were challenges, the paper I used I only have 2 sheets. So one for these first 2 weeks and one for the last 2. What this also means is I have no experience printing on it so some of my blocks could have used more ink but, actually, whether I knew that or not, I am having a really tough time judging what is inky enough on any print I am making. I don't know what it is. The ink is also new to me, of course, so it could be that, it could be the humidity, it could be the paper being very absorbent or not absorbent enough, or not using enough pressure when I am using the barren, so many factors involved in pulling a good print. Perhaps by the 29th of February I will have a handle on it, only to be faced with brand new conditions Up North.

All part of the fun.

So my exhibit is all planned out but it has yet to be hung. And I, dear reader, have a very early morning as I have to finish my double rooster print. The double sided rooster block is part of my exhibit so I need to get up super early and tackle that before I am thinking. A 5 part colour reduction woodblock print to be done by 10am.

I am a crazy nut.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Katie!!!!Just remember to breathe, you're a great artist.