Saturday, February 04, 2012

Key West. Day 4.


Today I went to book sale at the local library.

I was heading up the front stairs and a sign told me the sale wasn't inside but in the Palm Garden in back.
Palm Garden.
Books less than a dollar.

I bought a few poetry anthologies.
I bought the autobiography of Burt Reynolds.
I bought a book full of stories about people living in extreme places.

Then as I picked up my large cafe con leche (no sugar) and a cuban mix sandwich at 5brothers (see last night's post for my discovery of their location! It was every bit as good as people said.) I turned the corner to come home and across the street was a garage sale.

For $1 I got Conch Cooking and a nice little wooden trinket box, and I introduced myself to my across the street neighbour, Sam, cause that's what I do here. I introduce myself, tell people why I am here and invite them to my show and it's just the right thing to do.

local transport vehicle

In fact, it's easy to do that here. It's easy to walk 2 hours a day as I have since I got here. It's easy to say hello to strangers anywhere and anytime and it's easy for me to say hi back. Must be the easy climate.

And in case you're wondering, art is underway.

From the book Conch Cooking:
Pumpkin Funny


Cook the pumpkin and mash very fine.

Fry out the diced onions with the diced salt pork.
When the onions are cooked stir in the pumpkin and salt and pepper.

Serve with fried pork chops.

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cs said...

Thank you for the descriptions and photos! It's so cool to follow your artistic adjustment to Key West. When I went, I wasn't thinking Art so much as chasing smells, flower perfumes, cigars, etc; it's great to have a second look through your blog. I'm also waiting to see if something that drew my attention will also draw yours.