Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 20 - tourists

tourist map

I got up as the sun was rising so I missed sunrise off the White Street pier.
Instead I went where there were tourists today.
I walked for 4.5 hours and headed home and realized I timed everything wrong,
as I would now miss the sunset as well. Another day I'll get it done.

tall ships

southernmost snowshoes

Hemingway hangout in name only

water's colour

the original spongeman

pelican in flight

monkey(?) part of shell chimes

tourists encounter Art

cruise ship, yacht and hotel
cash paid for your Warhol

Aylmer, Quebec 1874 mi north

trash can in front of Audubon house says James Audubon didn't litter here

giant pencil palm

slow down! this ain't the mainland

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