Thursday, February 02, 2012

Groundhog-like Day 2012

I heard that we have contrary opinions as to whether it'll be an early spring or not. Canada's Wiarton Willie is calling for an early spring, while Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil says to brace for 6 more weeks of winter.

With the way the weather is this year, I'm not surprised they disagree. No one can get it right.

But, for the first time, ever, winter and when it might be leaving, is NOT on my mind as I acclimatize to the heat here in Key West. Last night was tough. AC was too cold. Fan was too... what? Windy? The air moved a lot it seemed. Then I opened the windows and turned off the ceiling fan and it felt like the air was too still. I think I am a bit tired and the 70F+ nights are still too unusual for me to settle right into them yet. A few more nights and it'll be normal I am sure.

So, since it was about 2:30 am, officially Feb 2nd, which is Groundhog Day, and I like to mark Groundhog Day, it dawned on me as I lay there sleeplessly, that I do have something to offer my trusty readers.

I haven't see groundhogs around here, the ground is a bed of coral after all, but I did see these:

Okay this is from a distance. Can you see them? They are right there:

Okay I have to zoom into the image so you can really take a look:

This is a pair of burrowing owls! As I was sitting in the shuttle bus from Ft. Lauderdale on the way to Key West the driver pointed these guys out to us as we passed them by. He said he often sees the one little bird just sitting there, swivelling his head back and forth, calmly watching everything go by. We were extremely lucky to see him and his friend out together he said.

Apparently the owl decided to nest (burrow) into the ground in that spot and the locals made it easier for him by inserting a small length, about 4", maybe 6", I'm not entirely sure, of white pvc pipe (you can see the whiteness in the close up photo) into the ground so he can just scoot in and out of his burrow. Then someone made a wooden sign, with the lettering done by wood burning, announcing the location of the owl nest. I was really worried for the little owl to be so prominent. It seems so very vulnerable to me, but the driver assured me they are protected by law and I guess the locals and whoever else, are around don't bother him or his friends and they all co-exist happily together.

So, so far, this is the closest thing to a groundhog I have to offer you this February 2nd, 2012, and they did see their shadow.


Anonymous said...

so cute, get a closer pic if you can! I am making owls right now as you know!!! G (Studio GPG)

Trimurti said...

pvc pipes
hmm...i like this..........