Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb 23rd - Highlights

Ok bike. We're going for ride.

directions taped to the basket but I still zigged when I should have zagged
for whatever reason I cannot figure out exactly where the street I am on
connects to the others

I did the same thing this evening when walking to a gallery.
I went the opposite direction and added a good 20min of backtracking
exactly as I did this afternoon with the bike

Today was spent in a lot of activity. In the morning I took the bus out to the Office Max. They finally got my stuff right cause I think I finally figured out how to communicate with them. Waiting for the bus on the way back, and according to the schedule, I'd just missed two and the others weren't due to arrive for 43min and 59 min so I got the 43 min red bus home even though it would arrive 20min later to my stop than the green bus which would have come after the red bus had I let that go by. The guy on the bench suggested I take the red bus to get out of the heat. Oh yeah, I thought, good idea. Not obvious to me as I was probably starting to be affected by the heat. Good thing I am so suggestible.

Even without the heat, it is confusing for so few buses.

The blue and green buses make loops around the island in opposite directions. The red and orange buses go "off island" to Stock Island, where the jail, the hospital and the Florida Keys Community College is-and more housing and the real shrimp boats, are. I wanted to do that loop anyway, but my camera died right after I set out, so that's why I am telling you here not showing you.

Once home I had postcards in hand and wanted to mail them. I decided to stop avoiding the free bike and to go to the post office with the bike.

lots of chickens at the post office

It was the hottest part of the day, so, I reasoned, everyone must be inside getting out of the heat, so the roads would be quiet. It wasn't true. And it was really hot. Unexpectedly I came across the Mile Marker 0 sign!

end of the road *south*

I was going to go hunt for that in the next few days and there it was. The end of the road, the end of US highway one south.

mile marker 0 *north begins*

Across the street it's the beginning of highway 1 North. So there is no here nor there there. Just a shared space, and it all depends on your point of view.

gorgeous little moggy

best tropical laundromat mural!

love the note added to the sign:
OPEN DAILY 10am-6pm
or until I'm out of gas

Casa Antigua
Ernest Hemingway's first home in Key West

maybe you can read it better here
(click to make it bigger)


cs said...

Mile 0! I was told that that sign gets (or got?) stolen frequently.

redcatdance said...

three tourbuses went by and the tourguides all said exactly that as they passed "and here is the famous mile marker zero sign. It is the most stolen sign in all of Key West, wiht the city having to replace it 20-30x a month. You don't have to steal it folks. You can buy one at any tourist shop." *laughter*