Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb 22 - Sunset at Mallory Square

Oh Oh I hope I don't miss it
I got turned around on a street and took twice as long to reach Mallory Square,
though, as usual, it was a pleasant walk

ahhh! I didn't miss the main attraction

Here are some of the street performers I saw on Mallory Square

word game/letter shapes guy
the crowd didn't hang around much

claims to be the oldest sword swallower in the
sword swallower association-age: 61
I think this must be it *click here*

singing Leonard Cohen's Suzanne

this guy hid behind the palm fronds then
jumped out from behind them to give you a scare

slight of hand

banjo player and spoon player

guy dancing

sailing away
sunset is over

More on the Mallory Square Sunset Celebrations *here*

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