Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February the 14th-St. Valentine's Day

I'm ready to print - woodblock and registration sheets ready to go

Better than a red carpet

First block - White Ink

Stage 1 - White

Second Stage - Yellow Block

White to Yellow

Stage 3 - Orange

2nd Stage/Block Yellow to Orange

Next: Red Block

Orange to Red

Looking at my prints so far

Double Layer hemp paper's underside after being printed with the wooden spoon for 5 colours; not much bleed, strong paper.

Final Print - 5 colours: white, yellow, orange, red, blue

I don't have any pictures of Key West today as I was in the studio until the late afternoon then went to my sister's to get away from the studio for a while. She gave me a canvas to work on so I started a painting that's been brewing in me for over a week. But not before I had some kumquats from the tree on her deck.

Here's my underpainting. I adore this composition though the left side is completely unresolved at this point. No matter. It'll come in the fullness of time, just like all good things.

Must get to bed, I am exhausted and I have a heavy duty day-before-the exhibit work day ahead of me tomorrow. I'll be tying up all loose ends.

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