Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 13. work work work and it's all good.

After a night spent sleeping in my sweater, t-shirt and pajamas, under two sheets, a thin blanket and all the clean towels I could drape across me, (yes it was cold I know you don't believe me but it was), I gingerly opened the door to feel: warmth.

heating guys fixing my furnace today

Thank goodness.

I walked to the kitchen to get some breakfast and oops! Class out back. Thank goodness that kitchen is like the set of a cooking show. From the very beginning I've felt I should be fully clothed wandering in there and very glad I was today.

an artist's sweet ride

I went over to the studios, crossing the common ground between the mango tree house and the studios next door, to find some newsprint.

newsprint was up where they store all the easels
class below

There was a big roll of it donated by the newspaper here and was I thrilled to have it. My mulberry paper is so thin and so absorbent that every print I make the ink bleeds through and so I am tossing out lots of spoiled bond paper and paper towel just getting through my process. I'm going to use a lot of this up.

upstairs bathroom art

I spent the morning printing my daily linos up.

I am still one behind printing-wise, which would be today's, but only a few more to go before my exhibit on Thursday.
Happy accident: these three just happen to fit together into one image as if I had planned it.
I didn't. They were carved different days. I will print them together though.

I am still contemplating the background of my Big Print and whether I will add a second layering of images to it or not. I am currently undecided.

I had plannned to get to the colour printing today but the dailies needed more tweaking than I planned and I ended up finishing them around 1-1:30. After that I wandered outside a bit, taking in the good warm air and some of the sights just up the street from me. I had this philedendron once. Bought it at the Loblaws. It was in a pot, not this size(!)

I went over to 5 Brothers for a cafe con leche (large) and a Grouper sandwich.

Yum. Best fish sandwich I've ever had--but I can't remember ever having a fish sandwich before so... I have been missing out!

I came back home and just vegged out a bit. All of a sudden I was just exhausted. It was a few hours before I decided to deal with that darn rooster woodblock again and *finally* it is ready to be printed.

Early tomorrow I hope to tackle the rascally bird.

are those bungee cords holding that truck together?

And I think I will try the double woodblock reduction on one page *crazy*. I already have the title Don't be a Hero. Ha!

And that was all the work for the day. I spent a good amount of time in conversation with my fellow resident artist Michael Haykin this evening. He's leaving in the morning for home and I will be sad to see him go. I was delighted to discover we have several things in common and see things quite alike. Actually it's always great to meet people who speak your language. I am always grateful to find people who see the world as I do and who are excited about their work. It is *very* infectious.
Meeting him has been a highlight of my trip so far, and I am not even halfway through! Yikes!
What else is in store?

Dear reader, I don't know anymore on that topic than you do.

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Timothy Hunt said...

You are having a very full month of Feb! Glad to see all the pictures of the locale. Too bad about your furnace (-30 with windchill yesterday in Ottawa). Looking forward to your show :)