Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Starting to roll... day #7

I went to bed last night all in knots. I have been avoiding and over-thinking using my colour ink.
"Perfect is the enemy of done," is what's rolling around in my head right now as I write this to you dear reader.
So the only way for me to get over this kind of issue is to just make the thing. I got out my inks and started mixing. I was looking to reproduce some Key West colours.
The inks behaved very well. I was pleased. My paper, which I did expect to be temperamental, was exactly that today. I am experimenting with a few kinds of Japanese paper and wile they are all very easy to print on, it is tough to get a very solid print due to the fibrous nature of the paper and if I press too hard with either my barren or the wooden spoon I got right through the paper before I even know it. I have to be really on the ball to get it right. It's a good challenge for me.

I started working with the windows open and the ceiling fan off. The fan moves my paper too much. But when a bead of sweat dripped from my forehead onto my print and caused a darkish area to within it I knew I had to close the windows, get the air conditioning on and it'll have to stay like this until I have my exhibition a week from this Thursday.

I managed to make 4 good large colour prints with two not so good ones. I think they are done but I may yet add to them. My gut is telling em not to add anything; my head is curious and wants to try a little more so I am sleeping on it. See what I feel like when I see them anew in the morning.

Around 2pm I went grocery shopping. while waiting for my ride I decided to sit out on the step. It was so hot! The sun was so strong. The shadows fascinated me as the sun poured through the slats.

At the grocery store I saw a rooster in the shady spot of the parking lot

In the entry way was a stand offering me a plastic bag to put my wet umbrella in and some wipes for my cart. Safety first! Look at these needs I never knew I had being met.

And after I checked out I noticed my receipt had coupons on the back; this one for a free flu vaccine--good until Feb. 14th.

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