Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 27 - Endpoint 1 of 3: shutting the studio down tonight

No matter how I tried to figure it out I was forced to resign myself to the unavoidable fact that today would be my last day to work in this studio. And it will be my final night in the cottage. On the plus side, I am in Key West until the morning of March 1st, still two days away, when we head down The Keys then turn north to the Ft. Lauderdale airport for an evening flight home to Toronto.

If all goes well, I'll have a Key West kitty to remind me everyday of my time spent here.

Having been the very first resident in this cottage was really great. I hope I leave good vibes for the next resident artist.

I'll be moved out by tomorrow night. The path from here to there seems impossible. I really moved in.

But seeing how compact all my prints can be when I roll them is heartening. Taking them down from my exhibit was tough.

Right now I'm lost in the emotions of this experience ending. In a day or two I'll begin to really understand what I have gained from this residency. It's impossible to do that while I am still here. I need some distance, and I'll get it, 1663 miles/2676 km to be exact.

up early to carve a few blocks outside
it was pure pleasure to work on my linos in the sun on this porch

calico wanderer decided to perch at the residency cottage next door
this kitty never came to my place

eventually it got too hot to carve and I retreated to air conditioning
I am very red right now, the perfect shade for a return to my Northern home

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