Monday, February 06, 2012

Feb 6 - Day 6

The rain stopped early and the sun came out by about 11am.
I found it very hot today.

I was the only one.

Everyone here is telling me it's winter, but my body felt woozy, like, I'd better sit down and rest a spell. Drink some (more) water. Rest. Relax. But how to label this... oh yeah.
It felt like the lazy days of summer to me: late July/August. I just sort of walked around with a silly glazed look for most of the afternoon. Hard to get work done.

So, I did some shopping and came across an outlet store filled with things I just simply loved.

Happy bright colours, inspiring prints in bold shapes and crazy mixes and matches of colours and patterns on everything from purses to dresses to table wear. I could have bought half the store. As it was I bought a small bag, a dress, a coffee mug, and coconut-lime 3-in-1 bubblebath, shower gel, &shampoo.

I should have known it would be my kind of store.
Just look at the sign on the door:

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