Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb 17 ... full stop.

One new to me song and one old song have been haunting me today.

The new (to me) song seems to be right for this time and place Gothic Surfarama by Vampire Beach Babes

And this old song is just doing it for me today This is The Day by The The (1984)

The after-the-show-now-what thoughts are threatening to flood me and without all my old chums to talk to, I can't get the feelings out so here I am, singing songs.

I spent the day making plans for the day and in the end it became very clear to me that I was completely spent. I just stayed in waiting for the evening to arrive so I could go out when it wasn't so hot. I took a stroll to Faustos for some groceries but came back with just a paper.

Tomorrow I go "off island".
To the far north of Ft. Lauderdale and Utrecht Art Supplies.
I am out of white ink.

Florida Keys

The Keys disappear
in the transparent distance
of a watercolor illusion.

From the prow of the skiff
they appear like small dogs,
a pack of green hounds,

running along the edge
of a crystal horizon
suspended between
turquoise sea and sky.

The Keys are like
india ink drops
on the edge of
a forgotten book

left behind where
we loved so much
before this savage
exile split us apart.

--Leonel Valle
Keys Latitude- Poetry of the Florida Keys

Read more about Leonel here: Encounter with Leonel Valle

sunset over Sandy's cafe

everything shifts at night

You can't see it very well, and I thought it best to stay back, but the sign on the porch read Porch of Indecision. It was right underneath the skull and crossbones black flag.

this is an oxymoron.

signs says: tax collector deliveries

walking on through even though it looks a bit scary

not one but two coral pink doors!

the lime green interior of the Key West Cakes store and the rest
of the bands of colour going up to the sky

Oh! I can feel artists and artisans sweating it out as they ready themselves
for an art show next weekend.. can't wait to go.

adorable tiny lizard guy

This is the mango tree growing beside the Mango Treehouse, which is another artist's residence here at The Studios of Key West. I point out the tree because it was shown to me a few days ago that

the tree is in bloom. Those feathery, beige branch-looking things are filled with tiny flowers that will form in several mangoes of which most will be shed leaving only 2-3 to mature to the mango that I so love. Sadly nature will take longer than 12 days to do this so I won't be enjoying the fruits of this tree.

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