Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb 28 & 29, 2012 - and so it ends.

Yesterday was spent cleaning out my studio and my living space. In the evening we celebrated my sister's birthday, and then went to my studio and brought my luggage to her house. This left me with some minor tidying up to do this morning before I handed in the keys.

After saying goodbye I went on a personal quest and, of course, found things to take pictures of on every street.

Today, I even had lunch with a new friend, and I have made more than one friend during my stay here. So many unexpected joys to be found in this environment.

we're all from somewhere else:
cyclist from Wyoming, vacationeer from Washington
we took each other's picture by the ocean

the morning of the 29th looked stormy,
but it was bluff

southernmost waters

southernmost southernmost house

southernmost beach resort's southernmost housekeeping staff

Feb 29: leaving the keys to my studio behind

official southernmost point of the US marker
90 miles to Cuba from here
long line up of folks wanting their picture taken here

I was walking and around the corner saw this man in a suit wearing flip flops
I knew I wanted his picture. So I offered to take their picture together and discovered they
had just been married on Smathers Beach. I asked them to pose showing their flip flops.
"Oh I got these special just for this," she said. Wedding shoes!
I wish this couple well... and if they are reading this, contact me
and I will send you what I said I would.

very good use of lettering here

lettering on sidewalks too

and into wet cement

I was searching for this exact spot
this is the sidewalk graffitti which started me dreaming
about what kind of place Key West was
It floored me that given the opportunity to stick a finger into wet cement this unknown author chose not to write his/his initials, or express their love to someone with a set of initials but instead
wrote FRIVOLITY and drew a little palm tree
what a place.

parrot in line behind me at the Banana Cafe

the colours of the ocean

banana tree with flower

kelp salad

Tomorrow I am off to Ft. Lauderdale, tangerine orange flight approved carrier containing a kitty with her papers and kitty valium for the kitty, plus one more suitcase than what I came here with.
Now that my time is over, I am ready to be home. And I hear it will be 49F tomorrow.


self portrait on my last night as artist in residence

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