Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day-Olds. July 15th, 2007

The Love Triangle 2003 8" x 6" acrylic in canvas

It's Sunday night and after another busy market weekend I am exhausted.

I'm not going to attempt to make anything.

This is a lesson learned over the years. At times I have had to force myself to keep working, keep working, keep working.. etc... This is usually in preparation for a Big Show Somewhere and it's the week before we leave, or a day or two before the show starts. I have often tried to make things when I am worn out and I know what happens. Things take 3x the time, then I drop my tools, or lose the eyes I've laid out for my characters, or misplace the list of stuff I am working on, and then when the plastic is hot, I'll wreck it by forcing something, or being too impatient for it to cool, or trying to make too many at once. It never works.

I've learned it's more productive to take a rest. I'll get more done in the long run by stepping back and taking the time to relax. It's not worth it to push push push.
Tonight, it's just like that.
See you tomorrow.

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