Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Made Fresh Today - July 10th, 2007

National Capital Banana Growers Foundation

My brother is telling everyone who'll listen that he's got a banana tree, grown from seed, in a pot in his backyard and it flowered and now it's got fruit on it.

We're talking a tropical fruit in northern climes.

He doesn't remember what kind of banana it is, and it may even be inedible, and the reason for this, he tells me, is that the seeds took 6 months + to germinate and he threw out the markers he had placed in the soil with the seeds thinking it was a lost cause.

Now, it's a surprise.

The family's gathering at his place at the end of August for harvest time. We will all share in the banana together, enjoying a centimeter of the sweet fruit per person. Oh happy day!


Andrew said...

no banana for you

Andrew said...

in a moment of oxygen induced craziness I asserted that my sister would get no part of the banana. I respectfully retract that statement.