Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day-Olds July 19th, 2007

Little Lulu No. 1

I made this reproduction of a comic book cover for a February art show at the Comic Book Shop here in town. I received many great comments and was surprised at how many people haven't even heard of Little Lulu in spite of this event being held at a comic book store. I re-read many Little Lulu's as I tried to decide which cover to attempt and I fell back in love with this spirited little girl. It's a good comic. Check it out.

What I loved best about making this were all the tiny Lulu's around the edges. I felt totally crazy making them all, getting their poses correct. And the lettering! Being a calligraphy student in the past, I am personally crazy for lettering and with comics the titles are essential to reproduce. I used "foamie" foam for the letters. It turned out surprisingly well.

The image doesn't show it but the reproduction in plastic is life size.

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Anonymous said...

I love Little Lulu and this is so fun and simply amazing with the plastic. Comic book covers, wow, how crazy great that is!