Monday, July 30, 2007

Day Olds - July 30th, 2007

When I Was Young

I've made many scenarios with a plastic hand holding something: fork, roast turkey, cat, cup, etc. One of my all-time favorites is this one: holding a frog. I've never done this myself, I imagine it'd be quite icky, but it strikes me as something you'd only do as a kid, and as a researcher of some sort perhaps. Maybe as a naturalist I suppose. I made this particular plastic ensemble quite a few years ago and I've just kept it, which is rare for me. I'm quite superstitious about letting my things go. I feel that if I don't I am telling the universe/the gods/ my creative self, "That's it, I'm done, I'm where I want to be. I don't need to make anything new thanks." I doubt I'll ever feel this way, and if I do, it is many many years hence.


Anonymous said...

Guess what? There'a an award for you on my blog! Saw your new poll, guess you've seen me running to market in the winter when I can't find my boots, ha ha, so do I choose "cold" or "can't find my shoes"?????

redcatdance said...

Just saw the award! Thanks! Blogs are great free spaces aren't they? Kind of like wearing sandals... but socks and sandals? Like the fence around a wide open prairie or a calm cool lake with a "beach closed sign" = no fun.

As for your footwear purplepotatoes, I suspect I will have ample opportunity come the fall to see if you really just every-so-often misplace your boots, or if you actually LOVE to wear socks and sandals as long as you possibly can....