Monday, July 02, 2007

One Friendly Plastic Thing A Day

I'm going to use this blog to get back to basics, which for me is making things out of friendly plastic.

I love this stuff.

I have been very lax in my use of it of late. My attention is equally taken by painting so I go back and forth in these creative realms, but I need to just start making things again, so I am going to post one new fp thing a day starting today. I say new cause I've made a lot of things over the last 16 years since I found fp. One of the best things I ever made was a ferret with a beard. It was a commission from a customer. And then, after I made the cute little guy, about a year later he shows up and hands me a crumpled, lint infested, mangled piece of black plastic and asks me if I remember it. Nope. Well, he said the ferret with a beard made it through the washer (must have been washing in cold cause warm or hot would DESTROY it) but the dryer did it. Dead. Melted. Over. Need a new one. Can you make me another? Well, can I I says...

So I've made two ferrets with a beard. It brings a smile to me poor ol' heart it does.

So I am off to make something. I shall return with the proof that I did so.

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