Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day Olds - July 18th, 2007

Garden Glove Praying Mantis

The assignment for this was to create something from a dollar store item that suggested the item itself. I found some garden gloves and used them to make a free-standing sculpture of a praying mantis. It's sewn and glued and stuffed with pink netting all on a wire frame.

Sorry for not making any new plastic pieces. Seems I always get into a crunch every few weeks or so and I'm in that crunch now. I have an Art in The Park this weekend and I am busy painting for it. Much to do. Much to do. My major problem is I can't think of what to make for my bigger pieces. I am hoping I'll get some inspiration overnight and wake up with an idea or two. This often works for me. But, if it doesn't, then I'll make some of my "classics" and maybe an idea will spark as I do my tried and true. I hope.

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