Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Extreme Crafting No. 1

Knitting an Atom Bomb
Oh in the wrong hands... what havoc can be wrought upon civilization!

This is my first in a series called Extreme Crafters. I love this method of ceramic construction: flat yet not flat. Two slabs, joined in some spots, separate at others.

I am new to ceramic work, but I am totally enthralled by its possibilities. the process is much longer and more tedious that what I am used to. You really have to slow down. Ceramics are fraught with tension from beginning to end. All I know is you'd better enjoy your clay thing at every stage because it may not get from lump of clay to finished thing in spite of your best efforts. Hope and perseverance and patience. That's what's required of a ceramic artist. That's not a bad thing to learn no matter what kind of work you do.

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Tim Hunt said...

This looks great. I guess you told me about this enough that I thought I'd seen it, but now that I see it I realize I hadn't.