Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Made Fresh Today. July 25th, 2007.

The Big Nut
I've made this image of the squirrel triumphantly displaying a great big nut before. To me, this is success. Big, shiny success: can't hide it, don't want to, there for all the world to see and it's mine mine mine. I've had some of these moments in my life. Some small victories, some big. A lot of victories that aren't seen out there by others as obviously as if they were a giant golden peanut, but they were important too. Maybe more so.

It's good to feel this way, but like the "overnight success", ten years in the making, you have to find satisfaction all the way along the road. And you have to be okay if you don't get the big nut. There's no guarantee to any of us of anything, but if we don't try we really won't get there. Take your Big Nut moments when you can get them. I do.

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