Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Made Fresh Today - July 3, 2007

Happy Birthday to 2 Very Important People in my life.

To my Monkey who is always at my side, supporting me and growing with me. We've been together a long time now and if we spend another 50 years together it still will not have been enough time.
much love to you.

To my friend Karen M.

Oh Karen! When I think of you I think of glorious words... words like
persevere, charming, elusive, brilliant, thoughtful, sensitive,
talented, quiet, shy, strong, good, supportive, funny,
attentive, clever...

You are a person of great character and the world is way way better for you being here. I think of you often even if we don't actually see each other very much these days though we are always in touch.

Perhaps we'll make time for coffee soon... artist date perchance?

All the best and much more than that!

Happy Birthday :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris, happy birthday Karen. Wow, two such great people on the same day, it's a lucky world indeed!