Saturday, July 28, 2007

Made Fresh Today - July 28th, 2007

Rare Bird / Chick Magnet / Groovy Chick

I've used all these titles to describe this bird design. They all work. This bird is fun to make because it works out the best when you put clashing colours right next to each other. When all the colours clash, the whole ends up being muted in some odd way. I love experimenting with colour like this... though this bird is fairly tame.

I took this shot of the bird on my lime green luggage. There's a weird ghosting effect probably from me moving when I snapped the shot. I kind of like it. I've been thinking vacation and car ride lately. I'd love to head to Nova Scotia again before school starts up again, but alas, the finances aren't there for a week long tour. Rats. Usually I don't let things like this deter me, but I want to go to Key West this winter and if I have to choose, I'll wait and go to Key West again. Maybe I'll get a short camping trip in before school starts. That's the best I can hope for I fear.

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