Thursday, July 12, 2007

Made Fresh Today - July 12th, 2007

Fly Away Home

I'm hoping one day to own my own house. I'd love to be off the grid.
I'd love one of those houses you see on Weird Homes. I worry that by the time I get a house, I'll be too old to make it interesting, too old to renovate and build giant concrete sculptures in the backyard, or glue all sort of found objects on the walls. I'd take a small house with a large garden. I would love to be near water, big water, ocean maybe. I'd like to be near other artists and a farmers' market.

I don't know where a home for me like this may be. I do know that right now I live here and it has to be home for one good reason; I may never get a home that I own. I'm trying to enjoy what I've got: a postage stamp backyard that's full of riotous plant life. A cat who enjoys patrolling the borders of our fence. Windows in two directions and three floors of living space for two of us plus one cat. It's all good, but a girl can still dream.

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