Thursday, July 26, 2007

Made Fresh Today - July 26th, 2007.

The Happy Fat Cat

I've always had cats. And most of them have been fat cats. It seems that lots of other people have fat cats as well. Usually this design brings a lot of knowing nods and smiles and inevitably I end up in at least one or two cat conversations due to this design alone. I don't mind it. I love cats.

This cat design was part of an experiment in which I tried to figure out the least amount of pieces that I would need in order to make this "cat-like". I discovered that whiskers are optional. Four legs or two legs, also optional. But a tail and ears, necessary, as is a cute nose. And cat people just want cats that are "cat-like". Dog people are much more specific, but there are greater variations in dog bodies than cats. Cat variations usually come down to coat colours and maybe a skinnier body that what appears here. But to my eyes, this is a cat: round head, round body, fluffy tail. Cat.
See my cat Kitty X below:

round head, fat body and in charge. A happy fat cat for sure.

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